The V-Word: Why I went Vegan.

The V-Word: Why I went Vegan.

Happy New Year!!


So, I’m really about to be that one person still saying happy new year half way through February…but Happy New Year!!!! 😂 💃🏾

So far 2017 is officially looking like the craziest IN MY LIFETIME!

We are officially living through a “President” Donald Trump administration & it’s the most surreal thing. Im sure if there was an option to get our collective memories erased ala Men in Black, the shares in neuralyzers would be through the roof!


Trying to erase the last 4 months like…. (Neutralyser from M.I.B movies)

Seriously  though, it’s only been three weeks  since his inauguration & we’ve already had claims of Russian hacking & a Muslim travel ban. (Nationals from 7  Muslim countries are banned from entering for 90 days), & already the world seems a little less normal.

It’s scary out there son! So in order to counter this weird energy, this year I decided to create a happy bubble around myself. Inside this bubble, I’m President & the first order of the day, is a 90 meat ban!



Inspiration to try a Plant-based diet


Inspiration: My Cousin Jacqui

Ok so, all jokes aside…I decided to adopt a plant-based diet for 90 days at first to see where it would take me.  Actually I was inspired by my cousin Jacqui who lost loads of weight following the Dr Sebi ‘Electric food’ way of eating. (Click here for an unofficial list of foods permitted in Dr Sebi’s ‘Electric food’ list).

I saw how healthy, slim, happy & full of energy she was & it just seemed like she was glowing from the inside & her eyes were all bright shiny. It totally convinced me to try a plant-based way of eating. Emphasis being on nutrition & not just a yo-yo fad diet.

Jacqui also does book camp work outs regularly so im going to follow her foot steps. Step by step.

Making the shift

Boxing day 2016…

Before embarking on this diet shift, I’d been toying with the idea of going vegan for a few years, but I just wasn’t able to commit, even when I wouldn’t feel great after meat-heavy meals.

I  talked myself out of doing it sooner because of my love for cheese & eggs. (Eggs where blatantly my kryptonite.)  I felt like I could happily survive on cheese with everything, despite it making me snotty & sick, but I did manage to stop drinking cows milk a few years ago because of my intolerance to lactose.

I began researching veganism & watched loads of films on the meat & dairy industry, which pretty much sealed the deal for me. I just don’t want to be complicit in the suffering of other beings that share the earth, to be honest. I also work with a producer called Whiten3rd who has been a vegan for years & is super knowledgable, & has been a major influence.

The V-Word

I’m super happy to say, I’m Currently 54 days in & if im honest I haven’t felt this good in a long time. My energy levels are higher, my concentration is better, I don’t get that after dinner bloated feeling & i’ve dropped a few lbs. I also suffer from PCOS & so far this change has honestly got me feeling 100 times better.

The transition wasn’t difficult because searching Instagram recipes, watching YouTube & asking friends who have cut out animal products has been a god send (shout out to Hayley & Naomi ).  Also the stigma of veganism being synonymous with vegans inflicting their choices on others is lifting & it doesn’t feel like the dirty little V-Word anymore. Feels like people are generally more conscious of what they’re eating & thanks to social media, becoming educated about fucked up food industry practices. Either way, I believe it’s completely down to personal choice.

My favourite thing has be discovering the Vegan resturants springing up all over London. I’m  planning to go back & Love Gift Vegan for the amazing caribbean food. The BBQ wheat me is a game changer! I’m also dying to try  The temple of Seitan’s  vegan ‘fried chicken’ but they’re always sold out 😫 which is equally amazing & heart breaking! ) 👅👅👅

I can actually say, Im commited to  continuing this plant-based lifestyle & am going as far as to say I am now vegan.

There….I said it. My names Ayak & Iam a Vegan 🤗


A x 💋

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  1. July 21, 2017 / 14:59

    I am toying with the idea of becoming a vegan now too after watching a startling documentary about what is in our food.

    • Ayak
      July 21, 2017 / 15:18

      You should so do it! Whats the name of the documentary?

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