Review: Elizabeth Gilbert ‘Big Magic’

Review: Elizabeth Gilbert ‘Big Magic’

Title: Big Magic      Author: Elizabeth Gilbert     Pages: 276  Rating: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I just wanna start off by saying I love this book!!! 

Firstly, I wasn’t one of the die hard Eat, Pray, Love crew. I can just about remember much else besides Julia Roberts eating pasta or pizza & some Asian old man blowing her mind about something or other on Netflix. (Her bestseller Eat,Pray,Love was made into that film)

However, I came across this book after watching Elizabeth Gilbert doing this TED talk & decided to buy it online. It arrived super quick & I took it with me on my writing trip to Norway.

Creative living beyond fear

From page one I was Immediately drawn to Gilbert’s conversational tone & writing style  which is super familiar & comfortable. Almost like catching up with an old friend for coffee.

Her perspective on creativity is refreshing, especially how she personifies ideas as beings looking for human collaborators  in order to maniesft. I caught myself nodding vigarously like in church & even laughed out loud on the airplane.

As a writer, it’s easy to get caught up in your own head especially after success, & that search for perfection  can totally kill creativity. What I loved was that she takes the angst out of the creative process by reminding you to be unafraid to just jump back in the ring. Ideas dont have to be perfect, just finished so you can develop. The process will guide you back like a homing device. Keep learning. Keep growing.

It’s not going to be peaches & cream always, but embrace the fear. Give yourself permission to fuck up. You don’t write for others, you write because you do it for yourself.

Listen, I felt this book on a spiritual level boy!!

She weaves stories of trials & triumphs into gems with a delivery that speaks to your damn spirit. I definitely will be refering back if & when nessesary.  I say buy a copy, borrow or steal one. Just make sure you read it if you need a creatve kick up the bum.

I give it 4 stars! 


A x 💋

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