Why I keep a Blessing Jar!


So I celebrated my birthday over the weekend & I started thinking about life, as we all tend to do this time of year. I really just had to give thanks. Even though I may not have achieved all my goals or ticked off everything from my vision board. I’m alive, healthy & moving towards it a day at a time.

A lot is happening at the moment, both in the world & personally & I just reached a place at the top of the year where I just refuse to let the external shake the internal. Sometimes it’s easier said then done, but Im really making a point to be mindful.

Counting my blessings with a blessing Jar!

This new years eve, I decided not to go the usual route of  seeing the old year out by going out & entering the new year drunk, nursing a hangover or just plane exhausted.

Instead I burnt some sage, meditated & rang in the year with starting a blessing jar. I told myself that each time I feel a blessing, I would acknowledge itwrite it down on a piece of paper, fold it up & put it into the blessing jar (I hung my crystal pendants around the mason jar for extra energy).

This way I can keep my vibes high through gratitude &  if i’m going through a challenging point (which we all do at times) I can just dip into my blessing jar & be reminded that good things happen & to stay encouraged!

I feel like when you’re grateful for the small things, the big things follow & that gratitude really is the gateway to abudance. However i’m human after all & the tendancy to overthink or dwell on the negative is all too easy,  I want  more balance & that’s why I keep a blessing jar!

I got mine off Amazon, & it was pretty cheap. I think it could be an amazing tool to use with children, to practice mindfulness & gratitude. You could turn it into an activity & get them to customise & decorate their own jars.

Let me know if you have any dope tips & tricks you’ve picked up along the way that keep the vibes high.


A x 💋

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That being said, i’ll sign off with my favourite song from Biggie.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of his passing, Im grateful for his life! 🙏🏿 ….

Its all good baby bay-bay