I conquered my fear of Youtube!/ SongExpo2017

Hi guys,

It feels like forever since I posted last! How are ya?

Well, Im currently in Norway on a writing trip at the Songexpo2017.


Songexpo 2017, Trondhiem Norway          

This is the 7th year of SongExpo & writers from all over the world get together for a week of creating records. Many songs from past SongExpo’s have been cut, released & have charted so its an amazing opportunity to be a part of.



Che Pope, Grammy winning producer &  Fmr President of G.O.O.D Music (Kanye West)



I got to work with Che Pope from the US. Che is a grammy winner who worked of one of THE GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME (in my opinion) The mis-education of Lauryn Hill so I was super excited to write with him







The super talented Singer & writer Martin Mulholland 


I also got to write with dope singer/writer Martin Mulholland & incredibly dope Korean Producer Called Deez. I Honestly  made the stink face (when the beat is just nasty) so many times. Listening to his music You would  think  Deeze grew up in a black church somewhere in America instead of Seoul Korea.



I finally did something i’ve been alittle scared to do for a long time, & thats make a youtube video. The crazy thing is, I actually love it. I’m that super subscriber, who learns everything from nerdy tech stuff to hair tutorials! (Not to mention I love a good family Vlog Jamie and Nikki is life).

I bought a point & shoot & a DSLR camera a while back & fear put the brakes on me posting any of the pics & footage I’d shot. I literally came to Norway purely with the intention of writing so I left my camera equiptment at home & headed to Gatwick.


Ok so I’m doing the goodreads reading challenge & really trying hard to hit my target this year & I’m currently reading ‘Year of yes’ by Shonda Rhimes, (whom Im a huge fan of) & the weirdest thing happened when I got to page 79. The words


                          DITCH THE DREAM BE A DOER NOT A DREAMER


Hit me as if she had pointed a gun & fired the words directly at me herself. They aren’t particularly profound words, but they resonated with me. & I finally got up the nerve to do my first youtube video. It’s not the greatest quality as I was unprepared & shot it with the selfie camera but the point was just to do it. Now its done, I no longer fear it.

I have this bad habit I’m working on braking, but I build something up in my head until it creeps me out & haunts me. Today I conquered this youtube monster with the help of my gladiator in a suit Ms Rhimes, now i’m actually excited to start this experiment & conquer the next fear. Here’s to day 1 of a Year of yes!

Happy Construction

A x 💋

Check out my impromptu video oh & as the youtubers saySubscribe-PNG-6