I’m Back/ Fenty beauty

Hi Guy’s

How have you been?

It’s been a while, I felt like I needed to just take a minute out to grieve & focus on some other endeavours.

That being said I posted my opinion on Rihanna’s much talked about Fenty Beauty line on my instagram (The Killawatt highlight) & was pursuaded to do a video which I uploaded on my youtube channel.

I was excited to see my review was included in unruly.com‘s article about how to pick for your skin tone. My colour is 480 the one before the darkest shade. So if you are interested in grabbing some but can’t make it to Harvey Nichols (in the UK) or Sephora (Stateside) The article might help you spot your complexion match.

Anyway, it’s good to be back, & please check out my review below!

Happy Construction

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‘Patience’ By Hotsource Ft Ayak

Hi Guys,

First and formost I just wanted to thank you all for your words of encouragement & condolences. From me & my family, it is appreciated greatly.

So at the end of a week of very mixed emotions, I found out a song I wrote & vocal is out today on island records/Universal.


Patience, available to stream & download today!

‘Patience’ is available to stream & download on all digital platforms.

I swear God send messages through my music, earlier this week persistence was the message & now it’s patience.

This is a deep house record by Hotsource  & has a special remix by Knoxa & got it’s first spins by Target & Mista Jam on BBC radio 1xtra.


Click to stream & download Patience



I hope you enjoy it & have a wonderful weekend!

Happy construction

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We are Kintsukuroi

Hi guys,

It’s been a pretty intense week. My family & I experienced a death in the family & it’s been an emotional & reflective time to say the least.

I was having a conversation with a good friend, discussing moving forward from challenging times & through the conversation something became crystal to me.


what is Kintsukuroi?

Kintsukuroi is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold.

It’s originates from eastern philosophy of Kinstugi (Kin= Golden stugi= Joinery). In the 15th Century the shogun of Japan Ashikaga Yoshimasa (whose mum was called Tomiko, shout out to reader Tomiko!) broke his favourite tea-pot. He sent it to China for repair, however it came back held together with staples & looked pretty busted & unaesthetically pleasing to the shogun. Japanese craftsmen were able to put the tea pot together again using lacquer mixed with the most expensive Gold.

With Kintsukuroi, no attempt is made to disguise the cracks, instead they are accentuated with this precious metal & made all the better by joining the broken pieces to make a beautiful whole.


This is such a dope metaphor for life; That the experiences that may break us, or situations that seperate us from ourselves, can be woven into our own beautiful testimonies. The broken pieces being the test. Life is the gold. Friends, family, experiences, passion, faith & persistance all help to create the lacquer with which we stitch together our masterpiece. Our flaws give us character, texture & dimension.

Whatever you are battling or working through, just know its ok to break sometimes. Perfection is neither interesting, nor possible. By overcoming, we really are alchemists transforming shituations (yes shit situations) to gold. We are Kintsukuroi.

Have a wonder day & don’t be afraid to drop a comment!

Happy Construction

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Morning All,

I hope you’ve had a restful & uplifting weekend, & are ready to tackle this new week.

I’ve had a lot going on personally so Friday, leading into the weekend came with much welcomed rest & reflection.


As you may know I write songs for a living & in the process of creating, you really get an understanding of oneself & new life lessons. Infact, last week taught me to never give up on a song, or anything I believe in for that matter!

This game comes with lots of rejection. Such as life, but what I’ve come to understand is that ‘No’ can often mean ‘not now’. Im a true believer of God’s timing being the best time. Just trust your instincts & keep it moving.


Scan back to March, I posted about the release of a record I had co-written with Nano called ‘Hold on‘. After coming in second at Melodifest (The national swedish contest to be their Enrovision entrant) the song went to do really well in Sweden.

What if I told you that, one year earlier that very song had gotten rejected? What if I told you that some of those rejections were complete & utter silence….No “we are looking for something else, no “No thanks”, just straight air. It wasn’t even worth a reply….

Although that can be the nature of this business, rejection can still sting your sensitive  little heart at times. However the bigger lesson I got from the song was to hold on. You see sometimes when God is working on your behalf, you don’t always get a reply or a memo. You have to have faith that something better is on the horizon.

This song means a lot to me for that reason & has become somewhat of a mantra, & that anything done with conviction will eventually find the right audience & space in the world.

That being said, I’m super excited to say that Billboard Magazine premiered the video in an article on friday. The visuals capture the message of persistance & faith & also happened to be produced by Prince Michael Jackson. Please check out the video & let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Anyway, have an amazing week!

Happy construction

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Comments on the last post

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your comments on the last blog post.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through them & getting a perspective regarding the songs title & content. You don’t always get to have such dialogue about the way in which your work is recieved as a songwriter. There’s always the comments section on youtube, but Im not trying to get my feeling’s hurt this early on a wednesday morning, so it’s nice having this forum to exchange with you.

A few things occured to me which never did prior to reading the comments & it’s such a blessing to be able to put it out there & hopefully get some real meaningful & new perspectives on the way people listen to & internalise music. I’ll start with a quick back story of what I do…



The ‘Sex 4 Breakfast’ recording session with K Stewart @ Rollover studios London

Generally I tend to write in the studio with an artist/group & producer who will either create a piece of music from scratch or will play a selection of tracks they’ve created prior to our session (studio sessions are when & where we write & record new music).


What I look for in the track creation process or listening part (before I start writing) is the emotion of the music. What emotion does it evoke? What story can I tell over this music? What does it feel like? Do the chords feel euphoric? Fun? Sexy? or Melancholic?

This is the reason why songs are able to transport us back in time or to a feeling, create moods or shift your energy. If you’re sad & wanna cry, or sad & wanna get happy just throw on your favourite record & bang! Vibe changed. Wanna run for miles at the gym? throw on a work-out  playlist. Or when its date night with your significant other you might break out some Jodeci to set the mood.

I really believe music is powerful, we wouldn’t use it to teach children or in places of worship if it wasn’t. My mum told me the only things in life that speak to the soul on a level that cannot be controlled are love & music. I really believe that!


I’ve been a professional musician since 2002, a published writer, writing for other artists since 2008 when I signed to Sony ATV & then later signing with BMG music publishing.

When you write with other artists/writers you have to find an emotion or human experience you share, find melodies & lyrics that articulate that emotion effectively & most importantly honestly. When you’re writing from autobiographical place it’s literally like having a superpower,  songwriting is cathartic & you can sometimes unlock your subconscious & work through personal things in a way that people that might not be creatively inclined may not.

I’ve spilled my guts crying whilst writing & pumped my fist in the air with shear joy when I’ve hit a flow & everything you feel & want to say comes out perfectly. At that point you feel like you are channeling directly from God, & it’s glorious.

Then there are other times when nothing comes together, the chords feel disjointed, you can’t find the pocket, you’re overthinking, maybe you don’t have the same vision for the song as your co-writers, the label don’t like it & say they’re looking for ‘something else’ (usually naming the most recent hit record) or sometimes you just have an off day. Heaven forbid, it’s writers block, but it happends.


I got to meet, play songs & listen to my all time hero Diane Warren @ realsongs L.A



Working with my other hero Lindy Robbins @ Paramount Recording Studios L.A

The most fulfilling part of being a songwriter is when you write something that touches people lives. Theres no better feeling than for someone to have a life defining moment to something you’ve written. Someone told me that their relative requested my song played at their funeral, that hit me hard. Other times it’s not as serious, but if it defines a summer, a wild night or any other memory for someone I’m grateful for my job!

So here goes ….


I really wanted to understand the source of shock at the title of ‘Sex for breakfast’.

Was it the title? Was it that a woman was expressing herself in a way in which society doesn’t always expect? Is it an example of current society? Hyper sexualisation in the entertainment business? Is it generational? Im really intrigued.

I started answering comments back as these questions where coming to me. I referenced Prince’s ‘Sex in the summer’, Marvin Gaye’s ‘sexual healing’ & ‘I wanna sex you up’ by color me bad as songs I heard growing up with Sex in the title. Granted they were sung by men, so does that change the shock value if it’s a woman saying it? Im genuinely intrigued…

Please do let me know your thoughts & opinions on this it would mean alot to me.

Have a happy hump day

Happy construction!

A x 💋