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Super happy to say Hold on by Swedish artist Nano is #1 on Swedish iTunes singles chart, #1 on the album chart (melodifestvalen compilation), is almost at 5 million streams on spotify & is the 2nd most played record on swedish radio (Lets be real, there’s no catching this Ed Sheeran train) & makes this my first co-write to top the Swedish chart!

Melodifestvalen 2017

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Nano performing @ Melodifestvalen final 2017

It was a tense time watching my first Melodifestvalen tonight (Swedish Song competition to pick which song will represent Sweden at the Eurovision song contest) but Nano gave a steller delivery of Hold on, however was pipped to the post by 13 points awarded by the foreign jury (No Shade).


Eurovision song contest

The Eurovision song contest started in 1956 after the second world war in an effort to create a more peaceful & unified Europe. Each country awards points to it’s favourite song & the winning country gets to host the following years contest. Last year saw Austrailia participate for the first time despite being the only non European country. Eurovision is also the most watched non sports event in the world.


Despite not winning the actual final, Nano has proved to be the peoples champ. Voted first choice by telephone vote by the Swedish people. (I can’t lie, some of the tweets I’ve read have had me in stitches! Comparing the victory to the US electoral college vote vs the popular vote). It’s been a drama filled night but a fun one & either way Nano still wins. Not just being bias, but his personal story is amazing, he’s a talented artist/writer & it has truely been an honour to be part of his first chart success. He really does deserve it!

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Hold On is out now on itunes & Spotify 🍾


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